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Serving East Tennessee area children, teens, adults, families, couples, & the LGBT+ Community, 


Serving East Tennessee area children, teens, adults, families, couples, & the LGBT+ Community, 

Healing-Focused Individual & Family Therapy

Effective therapy calls for thoughtful approaches to suit your specific  needs. We offer evidence based interventions and tools to build a safe,  whole, & happy life. With mindful care, we help clients of all ages  work through issues related to: relationships, identity, anxiety,  depression, trauma, violence, abuse, self-esteem, behavioral &  personality issues, suicide, impulse control & the adult legal system. 

We provide affirming, evidence-based, ethical, compassionate, appropriate & safe  interventions for the LGBTQIAP community. We have over a decade of  experience helping LGBTQIAP identified individuals achieve their goals.  


Brief Overview of Some of Our Services

Depression & Anxiety

Depression & Anxiety

Depression & Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are uncomfortable emotions that people experience more and more. Through tailor-fitted interventions, we are able can help you improve these experiences through psycho-education, coping skills, processing life experiences, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Accelerated Resolution Therapy, solutions-focused therapy, and, more specifically, through increasing your sense of empowerment. 

Trauma & PTSD

Depression & Anxiety

Depression & Anxiety

Post-traumatic stress and trauma change neural pathways Understanding how trauma affects the brain and a persona's behavior are vital to managing the symptoms. We use evidence-based trauma therapies to help people lead a safe, whole, and happy life. 


Depression & Anxiety


We provide court-ordered mental health assessments and therapy. Additionally, we provide alcohol & drug assessments and counseling utilizing a Level II LADIC (Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor - Level II). Please Note: 

We do not provide child custody evaluations. 

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Psychotherapy & Forensic Services, LLC / Shannon Brown, L.C.S.W.

Professional & Client Testimonials:

"Shannon Brown is a compassionate therapist offering thorough care  and guidance to clients of all ages. Shannon is experienced in many  facets of therapy and works with individuals who have experienced abuse,  emotional instability, mood disorders, and other challenging issues,  including those in the LGBTQI community."

                                                              Linda Cabage, APRN, PMHNP  

                                                              Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner                        

"Sam Steinbrugge is the most compassionate, heart centered therapist I have ever worked with on healing past traumas. He is THE guy to help you out!" - J.M., 

"Shannon (Brown)  is absolutely phenomenal. I am so inspired by her movements and  her growth. I would not be the person I am today without her help and knowledge."-A.L. 

"This is a personal recommendation. I have known Shannon, her parents,  sisters and extended family, since long before she achieved academic and  professional success as a psychotherapist. I know Shannon as a  trustworthy, loyal, fair minded, and above all, loving human being. What  better qualities could be found in any professional whose skill,  discretion and good judgment are necessary attributes?" - A.S.

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